We have an extensive fleet of club boats for training.


Our club boats are for use by sailing members for training, coaching and pleasure use.  The boats can be reserved for use when not required for training or coaching by contacting a member of the Training team or the Harbour masters.  Advice and help with rigging and launching will usually be available.  For more regular sailing members will normally be required to provide their own boats.


The Hartley 12 is a very easy to manage and delightfully responsive rotomould dinghy. This attractive dinghy is particularly suited to those in the early stages of sailing. The Hartley 12 is so easy to sail, it's wide beam and deep hull shape allow it to be quite tolerant and forgiving of the kind of developmental mistakes made by less experienced sailors.

We have 5 Hartley 12s at Olton for use by Members for training and pleasure use on a first come first served basis.



Racing Fleet

Acceptable PY – 860 - 1200

Laser 1  - Fleet Status
Solo - Fleet Status